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CCA's kickball league redefines adult recreational sports.  Sign up for one of our adult kickball leagues, and take part in an entertaining, easy going game that's just competitive enough to keep you on your feet and having fun.  Whether you're a base-running bandit or a rookie at the underhand roll, we'll help you find a kickball team that's fit to your skill level and just your style.


When it comes to kickball leagues in Indianapolis, CCA's is the best in town.  We play at three different Indy locations in the spring, summer and fall -- and each field is located close to bars and restaurants for post-game celebrations.  Our teams of twelve look sharp in their matching league shirts, and umpires make sure that each kickball game runs smoothly and according to schedule. Sign up today, and start kicking around some fun with friends.


Registration Includes

  • 6 weeks of league play
  • Playoff tournament
  • Team shirts
  • Umpires
  • Weekly Sponsor Bar Specials 

Team Info

  • Minimum Players Per Team: 12
  • Cost per player: $60-65
  • 11 players on field during play
  • Minimum # Females: 4
  • Leagues offered in Spring, Summer, and Fall

Locations Available

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