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Individual Registration Process


How Individual Registration Works

Individuals can sign up to participate in any CCA league that offers individual registrations. Click the "individual" button when registering. When signing up as an individual you may be offered to play on a team in one of two ways; 1) A large enough number of individuals have registered that a free agent team can be formed (this is a team of all individuals), or 2) An already regsitered team requests additional players for their team.


When signing up as an indiviudal you are never guaranteed a spot on a team.  You must be sent an offer based on one of the two conditions mentioned above.  There is no limit to how many different leagues you register for as an individual, and there is no cost to do so at the time of registration.  Payment is only due if you receive an offer and then choose to accept that offer.  You only need to register for a particular league once, do not register for the same league mutliple times, as this will not increase your chances and could cause your registration to get deleted. 


Can I sign up with friends? 

Absolutely! During the registration process, there is an option to invite friends or list those who you would like to participate with. When completed, our system lists participants in groups together so when invites go out, all those in that group are invited together.


I have completed registration, now what? 

You will receive an auto-reply confirming that we have recieved your request to join the league. This is NOT a confirmation that we have a spot for you on a team. This email will state that your current status is "not-offered". IF we are able to send you an offer to join a team you will receive an additional email/text that states your current status is offered. At this time you will use the link provided to complete registration and payment. 


If you receive an offer but no longer wish to play, you can choose to cancel your registration. 


I accepted my offer to join a team, how can I find more information? 

Once your spot has been confirmed, we will send you an email with information about your team. We encourage you to use our mobile app to communicate with your new team. 


Please do not be concerned if this email does not come immediately after you have completed payment and registration. If we are creating a free agent team of individuals we may be waiting for the majority of offers to be accepted before assigning you all to a team. If you have not been assigned after a couple of days, please reach out to


I recieved an offer to join a team but when I login to accept my status is not offered

When we send out offers to join a team they are first come first serve sent in waves based on registration date. We suggest completing registration asap after recieving the offer. If your status has been changed back to "not-offered" that means the spot has filled. We will send out more offers if additional spots become available. 


I see that team spots are sold out but individual registration is still open. 

Our system keeps individual registration open in the case teams reach out asking for individuals to help complete their roster. If you see that teams are sold out or on waitlist, the only way an individual spot would be available is if one of those registered teams reaches out for additional players. We suggest signing up for leagues that are not listed as "waitlist" or "sold out" for team spots. 


Individual Payment Policy


How Individual Payment Works

Individuals must complete 2 steps in order to play in a league, Sign-Up and Confirmation:

Sign-Up: Player Submits Personal Info and Prefereneces
Player chooses a league, and submits personal info (contact, skill level, etc). No credit card information is needed at this time. The player will receive an auto reply to acknowledge that we received the sign-up request, but NOT to confirm the placement.


Confirmation: Player Pays Individual League Fee Online to Confirm Spot
If a spot is available in the player's league of choice, CCA will offer them that spot via email. Clicking on the confirmation link in this email will take the player to their online Individual League Fee Payment Form.  At this time a credit will be needed in order to make payment.   Once payment is received, the player is officially confirmed for a spot in the league and will be provided with further league and team info, including their other teammates contact info, for the upcoming season.


NOTE: An Individual is not confirmed into a league until an Individual League Fee Payment is received. Failure to confirm and pay the Individual League Fee promptly (particularly in cases where the season start is close) may result in losing a spot in the league to another player. CCA reserves the right to offer a placement to multiple players on a first come first serve basis.


Late Adds

If you have been added to a league after it has already started, you will be sent a confirmation email with a payment link (described above) as soon as possible. You will have no more than 5 business days to submit payment online once this email has been sent.


Cancelations By CCA

In the event CCA cancels a league, prior to starting or during season, due to circumstances out of CCA control (i.e. Act of God, Government/State shutdown), CCA will offer credits/gift cards to players for any league/games not held.  The credits/gift cards will be equal to the cost of the league if not started or a determined pro-rated amount based on how many weeks have already played.  Credits/Gift cards will be valid for one year from the time of cancelation and requests may be sent for extended duration.  Credit/Gift Card codes will be emailed to each player who made payment through the CCA online system for the league that has been canceled.


Cancelations Before The Season

Any cancellations made by confirmed Individual Players less than 7 business days before the start of a season will result in a non-refundable $20 Cancellation Fee, with no exceptions. The balance of the Individual League Fee, minus this $20 Cancellation Fee, will be credited back to the card that was used for League Fee confirmation payment.

If an individual fails to attend the first game of the season without giving prior notice to a CCA representative, CCA reserves the right to replace that player and charge the non-refundable $20 Cancellation fee. Simply not showing up is not a valid means of notification.


Cancellations During The Season

We understand that sometimes an individual cannot complete a season because of circumstances beyond their control (injuries, accidents, illnesses). Conversely, sometimes (unfortunately) our league experience just doesn’t agree with an individual. Any individual that plays week 1 and cancels immediately afterward will be charged only the Individual Cancelation Fee of $20 described above. Individuals canceling after week 2 will receive a pro-rated refund.

Note that any online payments made on this website are also governed by the League Lab Participant Payment Terms.