Join us Saturday, June 8th for our inaugural High Noon .5k Race for all through Broad Ripple. Start at the Red Room patio and pregame for the intensive race with an ice-cold High Noon and finish at the Quarter when the race is done for a fun after-party. For more information or to sign up, head to this link here:

Two Person Team Forfeit Policies


  • Forfeit notice must be no less than two hours prior to game start time, otherwise determined as a no call no show.
  • Teams are expected to find subs in the case that one or both players are unavailable to play during the regular season.
  • Bye weeks are not offered.  If you request a bye, please understand that you are not guaranteed in any way a make-up game.
  • First Forfeit with adequate notice – warning and only allowed forfeit.
  • Second forfeit with adequate notice - $10 fee charged to captain.
  • Third forfeit with adequate notice – removal from league no refund.
  • First forfeit with no notice (2 hours or less or no notice) - $10 fee charged to captain.
  • Second forfeit with no notice (2 hours or less or no notice) – removal from league no refund.


Please email if you need to forfeit your game.