Following Indiana Back on Track guidelines in regard to the Covid-19 Virus, CCA plans to resume league play with a tentative resume date of June 14th. League play will resume when conditions are deemed safe within our community.

We are working hard to provide our community with both options and opportunities, headed into the spring season. Please check your email often as things continue to shift. Our promise to you is that our leagues will play, when it is safe to do so. We’ll innovate as needed to make sure we are helping you make fun possible.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. It’s hard, we know, but doing this together will bring us through to the other side.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We are here and will continue to support the local community and CCA Family as best we can.

How to Register and Roster Limits

Getting Started with Signing Up a Team






If your team is at or above the Roster Limit, when you try to invite someone that would exceed the limit, the System will notify you, and prompt you to purchase extra Roster Slots.


Each additional Accepted player above the limit on your team's roster will result in an additional fee based on the per player cost for that particular league






The last step of Registration will lead you to Invite your Players.





Add Previous Players

People you have played with before will be listed as Past Teammates to choose from for your team.  (Make sure to include your Subs!)




Add a New Player

Want to add a new player to the team?  No problem! 


First and Last Name, Gender, and Email (and sometimes Uniform Size) are required for adding a new player to your team.




You can invite your Facebook Friends (after you "Connect your Profile") to your team!




Assign Dues

Using TeamPayer, assign dues to your players that will decrease the Team Balance.  You can assign up to twice the amount of the Team Balance.









Captain's Panel

Use the Captain’s Panel to review all of your roster information, edit TeamPayer amounts, invite/cancel players to your roster, and watch as your Team Balance decreases!




That’s it!





One day after the Week 2 games, your roster will freeze.  No additional players may be added or removed from your roster.





ONLY those teammates who ACCEPT their Captain’s Invite will receive uniforms (for leagues with uniforms).