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When do leagues start?

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What is an individual sign up?

Being Teamed With Friends

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Skill Levels

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Team fee due date

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I just discovered you guys? Is it too late for me to sign up a team?
We always have new leagues starting and current leagues with extra capacity. Give us a call you might be surprised how fast we can get you on the field.


How much does it cost to play?

Cost varies by sport and by season.  Here's the average cost per person, per game:

Softball: $9.25

Kickball: $8.50

Bowling: $12.50

Flag Football: $9.25

Volleyball: $8.50

Dodgeball: $8.50

Soccer: $9.25


I have maxed my team roster, how do I add additional players?

If you have registered your team for the maximum required players and want to add more players to your team, simply click on the option to "purchase additional roster spots".  You may then select however many more positions you want to add to your team.

I just moved to Indianapolis and I don't know enough people to put together a team but I want to play, what should I do?
Sign up as an individual and Circle City Athletics will place you on a team with other individual sign-ups. It's a great way to meet new friends! We compile the teams and then notify you about who your other teammates are and when you'll be playing. 

I know a ton of people who want to play but I am not sure of being a Captain. I am nervous asking people for money and also I am scared of not being able to get enough players from week to week.
Being a Captain can sound intimidating however CCA makes it as easy as catching an infield pop fly! We have tools like TeamPayer that allows you to collect money electronically, and you can use your Team RSVP tool to see who can commit to each game on your schedule. If all that seems too much for you, ask a teammate to sign up the team and take the reins instead!





What is an individual sign-up?

We call them Free Agents. Basically it means that you don’t have a team to play with, but still want to play a sport. You sign up by yourself and we place you on what we call "Free Agent Teams" with other people that have signed up singly or in small groups.  You may also be paired up on an already formed team needing players.  So, day one everyone is in the same boat. Many of our past individual teams stick together season after season, so it's often a good way to meet some new friends!


I’m not sure if I should play, I’m not that good…

We are a recreational sports and social club for a reason! There is absolutely no experience necessary to play in our leagues and we offer different levels of intensity for most sports. We even have a whole set of leisure leagues – Bocce Ball, Bowling, Putt Putt, Darts, Shuffleboard,  Cornhole – that are best played with a beer in one hand, so no need to be intimidated. 


My friend and I both want to play and sign-up together, but only if we’re on the same team, can you make that happen?

Of course! At the end of your sign up process you can invite friends to join you by emailing a link which will group you with your friends to be teamed together. The more you invite, the better the chance of placement! If everyone that intends to play, signs up we are usually able to place you together 99% of the time otherwise we will notify you if that it is not the case!


I’m on a team, but my teammates are too serious/not serious enough/want to practice 3 times a week/only ever let me play catcher.

If you have issues with the team that you’re on, please give us a call or send us an email. We’ll see what we can do to help you out.


I want to play, but I may have to miss a game because of work/wedding/etc.

If you have to miss a game, that’s not a huge problem. We put extra people on the team as we realize that everyone can’t make every week. However, if you need to miss more than half the season, it’s probably best to pick another league.


Why are there so many people on my Indy team?

We try to put extra people on your team as we realize that people can’t make it every week. So, we’ll put 8 people on your 6 person volleyball team to help make sure your team doesn’t forfeit.


Can you team me with only hot single people?

CCA is committed to providing a safe and fun environment for playing sports.  We are not a dating agency. 


Our softball team isn’t good, but my friend is really good, can I bring him along and let him play to make us better?

No. You can feel free to bring subs with you if your team might be short, but just bringing your buddy with you to play isn’t fair to the rest of the team. You’re taking away playing time from people who paid to play.

What if I really like my teammates, can I keep them? 

Of course….you can always sign up for another season as a full team after your initial Free Agent team. Just choose someone to be the Captain and sign up when the next season’s leagues open up!


I signed up as a Free Agent, now what?

When you signup as an individual we place you on the list of people interested in that league.  Rather than take your money upfront, we wait until we can guarantee you a spot in the league and when we get enough people interested, we then offer you a spot.  At that time we ask for your confirmation and payment to secure the spot on the team.  Due to the nature of signups it could be a few weeks after your signup before the Free Agent team is ready to be formed.  Our goal is to get enough people roughly 1-2 weeks prior to the season beginning and offer spots 5-7 days before the league starts. 



I'm not the greatest athlete, but I'd like to come out and play with you guys... will the leagues be too competitive for me?
No worries. Our sports leagues are fairly laid back and many have divisions for everyday players. If you're still nervous about playing in a traditional sport like football or softball, check out some of our leisure leagues like BowlingBocce Ball and Cornhole – big on fun and low on skill sets.

Your refs and umps are so witty and handsome...can I ask them out on a date?

Can CCA host Company Events, like our summer picnic or holiday party?
Yes! CCA has lots of experience running corporate events. Why spend your time trying to learn how to run a Volleyball tournament when we have been doing them for years? Why spend your energy and resources starting a flag league for your corporation when we've already got everything you need? Just give us a call or email and we'll discuss the scope and size of your upcoming event! 

Can I work for CCA on the Field?
We are always looking for great new refs, umps, and site staff to join the CCA team. Check out our Employment page and submit your info! Just don’t be hurt if we say you will be better off as a player than a referee.



When is my team fee due?
The team fee is due the day of your first game. All leagues also require a deposit ranging from $35 to $100 before you can register for a league.  If you are an individual your payment is required at the time of confirmation of joining a team.

$35-$100 Deposit (for a Team Sign Up)? – Is it possible I could lose that deposit?
You only lose your deposit if you cancel your team less than 7 days before the start of the season.

My Teammates stiffed me, one left town and the other paid me with expired gift cards. Can you call them and get their money?
No. Next time try using TeamPayer at the beginning of the season to prevent any payment issues between friends.


What is TeamPayer?

TeamPayer is a way to help your teammates pay for their team fee without you having to worry about collecting cash or checks. For more info on TeamPayer, click here.

Can I pay by personal check?
No. Only if it’s a company check and it’s mailed to the office – CCA Staff never accept checks or cash at the field.

So can I get an invoice to get my company to pay for some or all of my team?
Absolutely! – Invoices and receipts can be printed out from your Player Page.





When can I see a schedule for my league?

Generally we do a schedule for the first week of the league about 5-7 days prior to the start date. Thereafter, the schedule is posted weekly following the day you play.


Why separate schedule release dates?

We schedule weekly for several reasons.

  1. Schedule Requests: Doing it this way gives teams a little longer to put in requests for the schedule.
  2. Competitive Balance: Doing it weekly gives us the chance to gauge the skill level of all the teams so that we can schedule them more competitively.
  3. Adding Teams: Waiting on the full season schedule gives teams the chance to sign up a little late. By only scheduling the 1st week, we can add them without going back and changing all of your game times to accommodate them.


Can I send in schedule requests?

Sure! If there’s a specific time that is tougher for your team to make, you may request specific game times from your team management page. There is a $10 fee per date that is accomodated or a $50 regular season fee. We’ll do our best to accommodate it whenever possible, and if a request isn't met you will be refunded for that date.  Please keep in mind though that your team probably isn’t the only team with that same request, so it may not always be possible. Also, once the playoffs come around, schedule requests become harder to accommodate.


I forgot to send in my schedule request and the schedule is posted….can you bail me out?

Sometimes. Send us an email and let us know what you need and we’ll look into it. After the schedule is posted we do charge $10 per game change fee. In general it’s easier to move one game time than multiple ones, but not even that is guaranteed.  Please email your requests to


We can’t make a certain week at all; Can we just get a bye week and make up that game later?

Sometimes. Generally if a league fills up a make-up is not possible as our field space is maxed out.


What holidays do you skip?

Due to field time constraints, we can’t skip every day that is considered a holiday.


We’ll always skip: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Day (and weekend following), Christmas Eve, and Christmas.


We’ll never skip: Martin Luther King Jr Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents’ Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween.


This Football season says we get 6 guaranteed games but some teams in the league are scheduled for 7 games. Why do some teams play more games than others?

Occasionally with odd-numbered team leagues we need to schedule additional games for teams. In true CCA fashion we always try to give an extra game to what we consider the worst teams in the league. So if you didn’t get an extra game you should see it as a compliment that you are not considered one of the worst teams.


How are rain out games made up?

CCA will add additional weeks to extend a season or add double-headers to insure all teams play their alloted amount of games.  A typical CCA sport season, unless noted otherwise, is 6 weeks (games), plus the tournament.


How do you determine who makes the playoffs?

At CCA all teams make the playoffs.





You can always practice and get better, but CCA never reserves field time for practice or schedules practices for your team.


CCA will bring uniforms to your second game. CCA must have all sizes by the start of your league using the invite system on your Captain’s Page. 


CCA does its best to have a league be on the same field or a consistent location the entire season. However sometimes we do need to offer different fields or rotator leagues, especially with rainouts.  We always try and keep this to a minimum and let you know about additional fields and bye weeks ahead of time.  More information on league locations can be found here.


Sponsor Bar

For every league that does not have an attached bar we try to partner with a bar that's close to the location.  In most cases that bar will offer some sort of discount.  CCA strives to get the best specials for you and your team at each bar.  We ask that they treat the players well and give you a great place to hang after your game.

If you have a suggestion for a new location or sponsor bar please email

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to email us!