CCA Bar Game Rules

Giant Jenga Rules


- Player that goes first will be decided by rock, paper, scissors. 

- Players must put block back on top in order for turn to be complete

- Games will be 2 vs. 2, with 2 games set up at a table for all 4 players from each team to play. Winner is determined by the team that does not knock over the Jenga Tower. 

- Players may only use 1 hand

- Players may not pick from the top 4 rows of the tower

- Teams will play as many games in 15 minutes as possible, with the winner being the team with the most non-knock downs.

- Games can end in a tie 


Puttskee Rules


This is the classic arcade game with a golf spin, great for players of all skill levels! 


- Each player will putt a total of 9 shots in a row


- Write down scores after each putt


- Teams will add up the total scores at the end


- players will putt from before the foul line labeled on the board


- If ball goes off the board, then the player may putt again

- If a team has less than 4 players, the opposing team may pick the player(s) to putt for the missing player(s)


Yardzee Rules


Game is played 2 vs. 2 with 2 games going on at once. The team with the highest score between the 2 games wins! 


- Players take turns rolling 5 dice. After each roll, the player chooses which dice (if any) to keep, and which to re-roll. A player may re-roll some of all of the dice up to three times a turn. 


- The following combinations earn points:

  • Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives or Sixes. A player may add the numbers on any combination of dice showing the same number. For example, 4, 4, 4, 2, 6 would score 4+4+4= 12 points in “Fours” or 2 points in “Twos” or even 6 points in “Sixes.” Once a player has taken points on a specific number, he or she may not take points for that value again during the game.
  • Small Straight= 30 points. A small straight is any combination of dice in order in a sequence of 4. Additionally, in a straight, one can be placed after a six, meaning a 4,5,6 and 1 is also legal.
  • Large Straight= 40 points. A small straight is any combination of dice in order in a sequence of 5. Additionally, in a straight, one can be placed after a six, meaning a 2,3,4,5,6 and 1 is also legal.
  • Chance - Score total of all 4 dice
  • Full House = 25 points. Any set of three combined with a set of two. For example, 5,5,5,3,3.
  • Four of a Kind = 40 points. Four dice with the same number.
  • Yardzee = 60 points. Five of a kind 


- If a player makes a Straight, Full House, or Four of a Kind on their first roll of turn, it is worth 10 extra points

- A player who fails to make any valid score, or chooses no to take any other score, may eleminate a category, such as Yardzee or Twos. If a player scratches a category, that player cannot score on taht category for the rest of the game. A player must either fill in a category or scratch a category after every turn. 


- The winner is the team who finishes with the highest combined score adding all the categories, and both games, after 10 turns each or 15 minutes. 



Giant Pong


Set Up

- buckets are set up in a triangle 

- Buckets are weighted down with either water, sand or another heavy material

- The goal is to make the ball in as many buckets as possible before time runs out

- Buckets are set up 15' apart from front to front

- Games are best 2 of 3 to decide winner


Game Play

- Teams will consist of 2 players for each team

-  2 games will go on at once.

- 1 player shoots at a time, with each player from one team shooting 1 ball in a turn.

- The goal is to make all of the buckets first before the other team. 

- teams are allowed 1 re-rack per game of their choose, no more than 4 buckets long in a straight line. Teams may re-rack mid-turn

- If a team makes both balls in one turn, this is a bring back, where they may both go again.

- After a team has made all of their buckets the other team will get a chance to rebutal for overtime, unless the team to finish first made back to back buckets in one turn. 

- On a rebutal, the rebuting team gets one throw from each player to even the bucket count and send it into overtime. The bring back rule is in effect for rebuttal.

- Overtime is played with 3 buckets and the same rules. 


Flippy Cup Boat Race

- Goal of the game is for a whole team to finish flipping the cups over, one at a time, going down a line and back, before the other team. 

- Cups start in an upright position

- To start a game the players at the beginning of the line must tap their cup on the table, cheers each other, and then go. This is referred to as the "gentleman's start." 

- You may only use one hand at all times

- A cup is counted as flipped if it finishes upside down

- A "backboard" of any kind may not be used

- The next player may not start until the previous players cup has stopped moving. 

- One player may flip at a time. Once all 4 players on a team have flipped it will then go back through the 4 players before 1 game is over. In a single game each player flips twice. 

- If a team has less than 4 players, the team may pick a player to go in the abscence of missing players. No player may replace more than 1 player on the team. 

- Games are best 3 of 5