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Bunker Kickball Rules

Bunker Kickball

Housekeeping Rules

  • Please do not talk over others and let those whose turn it is have the mic (host may mute as needed)
  • Please be respectful of all others in the game and keep discussions at a PG-13 level
  • The host will remove anyone is being disrespectful or not following rules

Equipment Requirements

Rules of Play

  • Teams consist of 4 players each
  • Team captains roll for Home/Away (Highest roll chooses home or away).
  • Once Home/Away has been established – each player will add this title in front of their user name in Zoom Room.
  • All players will take turns rolling on both Defense and Offense. Order must remain the same throughout the whole game and will continue to rotate transitioning from offense to defense and vice versa.
  • The host will assist in keeping track of order as well as a visual of the game through video chat.
  • All players must use a Dice app to roll dice or a physical dice.  If a player does not have access to either or video capabilities the team captain will roll for that player.
  • The player must hold the dice app up to your computer camera when you roll so everyone can see. If using a phone for zoom room, please use a physical dice or have your captain roll.
  • Games are played to 7 innings with a 45-minute capped time limit, whichever comes first.


Start of Play

  • Player 1 from the offense rolls vs player 1 from the defense.
  • Host will determine the difference between the rolls
    • Ex: Offense Rolls 4, Defense Rolls 3 = Offense wins with a Net 1
    • Ex: Offense Rolls 2, Defense Rolls 5 = Defense wins with a Net 3
  • If the offense roll is higher, they will use the Offensive Rules listed below
  • If the defense roll is higher, they will use the Defensive Rules listed below
  • A new player rolls each round. Batting order can be set up by team captain (email to HOST before games start) or host can set.
  • Inning ends when the Defense has 3 outs or Offense has scored 5 runs.
  • Tie Roll - If both players roll the same number, a round of trivia starts.
    • ONLY the two players who rolled have 15 seconds to answer question in zoom chat.
    • The first player to answer correctly will receive a run for their team
    • If neither player answers correctly nor within 15 seconds the turn is over

Offensive Rules

The numbers below signify the difference of a positive net roll for the offense (see examples above).

Runners will move in a force situation only, unless otherwise specified by below rules.

  • 1 - Single
  • 2 - Double
  • 3 - Triple
  • 4 - Home Run
  • 5 - Bunt - the kicker is out, all runners advance
  1. If no runners on base, the kicker is out.
  2. If a runner is on 1st and 3rd, all runners advance 1 base.

Defensive Rules

The numbers below signify the difference of a positive net roll for the defense (see examples above).

  • 1 - Kicker is out, no runners advance (1 out)
  • 2 - Kicker is out, all runners advance (1 out)
  • 3 - Lead Runner Out - kicker and all others advance appropriate bases
  • 4 - Double Play - kicker and lead runner (closest to home) are out (2 outs)
    1. If no runners on base, the kicker is out - (1 out)
  • 5 - Triple Play (Remember no in-field fly in kickball!) (3 outs)
    1. If no runners on base, the kicker is out, if only one runner on base than 2 outs