Join us Saturday, June 8th for our inaugural High Noon .5k Race for all through Broad Ripple. Start at the Red Room patio and pregame for the intensive race with an ice-cold High Noon and finish at the Quarter when the race is done for a fun after-party. For more information or to sign up, head to this link here:
Flag Football Playoffs

Fall 2023 Monday Competitive Draft Flag Football League

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CDL Bracket

Single Elimination
Oct 23 
4)   Air It Out [49]
5)   Nacho Average ... [28]
Oct 23 at 9:15 PM
3)   Weekend Warriors [7]
6)   Only Wins [35]
Oct 23 at 8:15 PM
Oct 30 
1)   Run N Shoot
4)   Air It Out
Oct 30 at 8:15 PM
2)   Catching Fire [38]
6)   Only Wins [7]
Oct 30 at 8:15 PM
Oct 30 
Oct 30 at 9:15 PM