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Online Trivia Night Rules


  • Housekeeping:
    • Please do not talk over others and let those who have a question have the mic when needed (host can mute if needed)
    • This is a social game – please feel free to talk and get to know other teams in the Zoom Meeting, but abide by the rule mentioned above
    • The host will remove anyone who is being disrespectful or not following rules
  • Equipment Requirements:
    • Computer (preferred) or phone able to run Zoom App with video access
    • Separate tab to see questions and sumbit answers
  • Teams:
    • 3-8 players per team
    • Each team will have their own breakout room during the trivia rounds
  • Scoring:
    • One point per question
    • Scores updated after each round
  • Game Play
    • The CCA moderator will go over rules prior to the start of the game
    • There are 5 rounds each game 
      • 9 questions per round
      • 8 minutes to submit answers
    • Only one team member needs to submit answers through the form​​​​​​​