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Are you looking for something to do rather than binge-watching more Netflix? Are you wanting to get back to kickball as soon as you can?Well, here's your chance! Join KC Crew and Circle City Athletics for a little friendly competition in Bunker Kickball!


How it Works:

  • Find 3 friends to join your team and sign up!
  • Limit - 6 teams per night
  • Teams will be paired against others to face off head to head
  • Games will start every hour (Indy - 7pm, 8pm, 9pm)
  • We will send you a link to join at least 1 hour prior to your game.
  • Rules:

What you Need:

  • We will go live from Zoom (download the app ahead of time)
  • A computer
  • A dice app on your phone/tablet



CCA is happy to announce a new way to help spend some of that extra time you have bunkered down!  Join us for March appness where each day you will compete against another person for the highest score in fun free app games that will be announced each day of the tournament.  Submit screen shot with your highest score to see if you have what it takes to win March Appness.  See below for more details.

Rules of Play


- Each day beginning with Day 1, we will announce a free app that will be the game of that day that will need to be downloaded in order to participate.


- Each player will have up to 22 hours to participate in selected game for that day beginning at 2 PM EST and ending at Noon EST the following day.


- Each player may play the game as many times as possible during the time frame and must submit a screen shot of your highest score and send to by no later than Noon EST.


- Only the first submission will be accepted for your score, do not send multiple entries.  Any submissions received after Noon EST the following day will not be accepted.  If proof is not submitted, the opponent will automatically move on to the next round.


- Brackets will consists of no more than 16 participants and will last up to four days based on participant amounts.


- Each day succeeding the first day the new app game will be announced at 1:30 PM as well as an updated bracket to see who has continued on in the contest.


- Winners from each bracket will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win fun prizes from our sponsors as well as gift cards to support our local partnered sponsor bars.